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About Jennifer Vavricka

About Jennifer Vavricka

Jennifer Vavricka is a successful entrepreneur and wealth expert with more than 17 years of financial experience, specializing in strategic planning, solving complex issues for business owners, as well as multi-generational legacy creation. Jennifer has a unique approach that goes beyond typical financial planning. She considers client taxation, cash flow, insurance, retirement planning, real estate, and business structure from wealth accumulation through philanthropy, addressing both their financial and life goals. Through her seminars, books, and speaking engagements, she guides entrepreneurs on how to keep more of the money they earn and how to use that extra money to create greater wealth.
Jennifer finds joy in taking complicated financial information and breaking it down in a way that is easy to understand. Whether Jennifer is working with business owners, professionals, or other high net worth individuals, all of her clients have one thing in common - the desire to pursue their goals and dreams and to have an experienced professional help them make smart financial decisions.

Jennifer is the founder of JV Consulting Group, a company with a focus on advanced planning techniques. This unique and comprehensive process builds upon the accumulated wealth of clients while taking into account the need for capital preservation and family values.

Jennifer lives in Williamston, Michigan. In her spare time, she enjoys sunshine, the always changing beautiful sky, laughter, and traveling, and cherishes watching her children pursue their dreams.

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