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Financial Freedom For Six-Figure Entrepreneneurs


Wealth Mastery For Entrepreneurs

As a successful entrepreneur, you've had big dreams. You had an idea that you put in motion. You've gotten to where you are because you had a deep desire and drive that came from somewhere inside of you. It was fueled by the desire to support your family, to make a difference, to just do more of what you love or, to become financial free to fulfill the life of your dreams.

If you are like many entrepreneurs, however, it may often seem like you are just treading water. Your business has grown to a place where it is relatively successful, but all of your time and money is tied up in your business. Your profits are going to service the debts you have accumulated or to taxes. You seem to be on a treadmill that never slows down, and you don't know how to get off. Or, perhaps you are bumping up against a ceiling and cannot seem to grow your wealth beyond where you are now. Your dreams of financial freedom — the dream of having the financial capacity to live life on your terms, seems far away.

Is your business giving you freedom or are you a slave to what you have created?

Jennifer Vavricka and her team can help you achieve the financial freedom you are looking for.

Jennifer Vavricka

CEO, New Legacy Wealth

Jennifer Vavricka is a successful entrepreneur and wealth expert with more than 17 years of financial experience, specializing in strategic planning, solving complex issues for business owners, as well as multi-generational legacy creation. Jennifer has a unique approach that goes beyond typical financial planning. She considers client taxation, cash flow, insurance, retirement planning, real estate, and business structure from wealth accumulation through philanthropy, addressing both their financial and life goals.
Through her seminars, books, and speaking engagements, she guides entrepreneurs on how to keep more of the money they earn and how to use that extra money to create greater wealth. Jennifer finds joy in taking complicated financial information and breaking it down in a way that is easy to understand. Whether Jennifer is working with business owners, professionals, or other high net worth individuals, all of her clients have one thing in common — the desire to pursue their goals and dreams and to have an experienced professional help them make smart financial decisions.
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Wealth expert and successful entrepreneur Jennifer Vavricka has devised a proven and tested system that helps entrepreneurs build wealth, reduce taxes, and plan for retirement while living the lifestyle they desire now. In Financial Freedom for Six-Figure Entrepreneurs, she lays out an action plan to financial freedom in a few short years. Financial Freedom for Six-Figure Entrepreneurs will help you achieve entrepreneurial success, sustainable wealth, and living your dream life now. 

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Wealth Mastery Services

The Wealth Mastery Class

Learn effective ways to build wealth fast!
In the Wealth Mastery Class, Jennifer will teach you her proven system and effective methods to accelerate financial freedom. You'll learn methods to reduce bad debt, lower taxes, optimize cash flow and take advantage of investment opportunities.


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Wealth Master Blueprint

Build a clear plan & roadmap to freedom
Through our wealth programs and customized consulting offerings, we'll help you build a clear financial roadmap that fits your vision, mission, values and goals. We'll help you get firmly on the road to sustainable business and life success.


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Wealth Master Minding

Work with other successful entrepreneurs
Join a small, private group of entrepreneurs that are dedicated to helping each other become as successful as they can be. Participating in mastermind groups will expand your wealth mindset, remove blocks and inspire new ideas and opportunities.


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Wealth mastery is self-mastery.

Your mindset is the engine and the fuel that drives success.

– Jennifer Vavricka

Wealth Building Strategies

Four Financial Focus Areas for High Impact Results

To achieve financial freedom, you're going to need to have access to sound knowledge, a plan that fits with your values, and the capacity to focus on and execute your plan to achieve your goals. However, behind all this is having a limitless wealth mindset. Without the right mindset, lasting freedom will always be beyond your reach. Developing a wealth mindset is core to all our work and our wealth system.

Reduce Debt

Paying too much Interest?
Debt financing is a necessary tool to help build and expand your business, but the interest can suck the life out of you. Learn how to reduce bad business debt, and use credit wisely.

Improve Cash Flow

Cash Flow Problems?
Juggling bills each month because you don't have enough cash takes the joy and vitality out of your business. Let us help you improve cash flow so you can focus on wealth building.

Lower Your Taxes

Paying too much Tax?
Most entrepreneurs are paying more than their share of taxes. Discover how you can reduce your tax burden and keep more cash in your business or to fuel your personal goals.

Build Wealth

Missing Opportunities?
Focusing on your current business model brought you success, but how do you expand wealth beyond your current focus? We'll show you how to build wealth to accelerate financial freedom.

Our 7-Step Wealth Mastery System

“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”

  – Tony Robbins

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