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Wealth Mastery Class

Wealth Made Simple!

Wealth by Design — from the inside-out!

You know your business and what you love to do in business. To build wealth and become financially free, you'll need to have an effective strategy, system or design to get you there. You will also need financial capacities in the form of innovative ideas, knowledge, skills, resources and tools. However, to build wealth and sustain wealth, it is above all, about creating an aligned wealth mindset. This includes the alignment of your vision, purpose, values, beliefs, and emotions, through to your behaviors, habits and actions. This alignment must also extend to your team and their mindset, but it all starts with you as the leader of your business and your life.

The Wealth Mastery Class will help you design your life and business to accelerate your goals of financial freedom!

Included in your Wealth Mastery Class Membership:

  • Weekly 1-hour live Wealth Mastery calls on Zoom (calls will be recorded)
  • The Wealth Mastery Forum — a private, online discussion group hosted by Jennifer. Get questions answered and share ideas with other members
  • Regular emails with financial news, tips and hints about taxes, investments and other wealth creation opportunities.
  • Financial tools and processes to assist you in assessing, measuring and tracking your progress.
  • Introductions to other "Wealth Masters" that can support you in wealth building.
  • An invitation and assessment to see if you are a good match to join our exclusive Wealth MasterMind Offering.

NOTE: This is a high value, exclusive class and space is limited. We want to make sure that you are a good match for this advanced wealth offering, and that we can deliver the value we both expect and exceed your expectations.

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The Wealth Mastery Class

Master the Mindset, the Know-how & the Tools

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