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KEY 1: Acknowledge the opportunity. The first step in our process is to become aware and acknowledge that there are significant opportunities (often hidden or unknown), to increase your wealth on a consistent basis. Through our expert Wealth Mastery Education, support and mentoring programs, we will help bring opportunities such as tax reduction strategies into your awareness so that you can effectively and efficiently build and maintain more wealth in your business and life.

KEY 2: Assess where you are at. With our expertise and tools, we will help you bring all your relevant data together to assess and analyze where your financials currently stand, so you clearly understand your opportunities for wealth building such as saving interest on debt, lowering taxes, optimizing your cash flow or investing in new ventures. We'll also help you assess your mindset. What limiting beliefs hold you back from greater success? What beliefs, behaviors and habits do you need to build wealth?

KEY 3: Activate your mindset. Wealth mastery is self-mastery. Henry Ford once said, "If you think you can, or your think you can't, you're right." No matter what the economic conditions are, or whatever your past story was, there is always an opportunity to change. Your past experience does not need to define your future. Having a wealthy mind is the most important condition for creating true wealth. In this step (and throughout our program), we'll help you activate and integrate positive, wealthy beliefs, emotions and stories that enhance your capacity to think and act from a mindset of wealth rather than scarcity.

KEY 4: Action planning and implementation. Now that you have assessed your opportunities and expanded your wealth mindset, it is time to create and execute an ambitious, yet realistic, wealth plan. With all the information at hand and fresh perspectives of what is possible, you can now move forward with a focused vision, and a new momentum, while letting go of old behaviors that have been draining the life out of you and your business. In step 4, we'll help you set up a financial action plan and customized blueprint with milestones, goals, tasks and measurement systems to keep track of your progress and achievements.

KEY 5: Achievement Celebration. From time to time, it is important to celebrate your achievements. As busy entrepreneurs, it is all too common to just rush off to the next task or project that needs our attention. Doing, doing, doing becomes our way of being, but this is not sustainable, healthy or balanced. Take time out of each day to celebrate and be grateful for what was accomplished and for what you are learning and experiencing along the way to your goals. These celebration and reflection moments are an opportunity to energize your next task, next project or the next day.

KEY 6: Adjust and adapt. Change is happening in our world at an increasing pace. If you are not embracing change or being a catalyst for change in your business, then your business may be at risk. As you execute your wealth plan, it is important to be open to new learning and adapt to the changing conditions in the market or in your life. From time to time, stop, reflect, measure and get feedback from people that have a stake in your success. Consider if adjustments need to be made to your mindset, behaviors, business culture, processes, systems, or relationships. These are opportunities for learning and wealth mastery.      

KEY 7: Advance your freedom, fulfillment and future. There are always more opportunities to expand your business, your sense of freedom or your contribution to the world. As you build wealth, your priorities may shift as you focus on fulfilling new values or discover a new purpose for the wealth you are creating. You may also find that you bump up against "ceilings" and need a new mindset or new expertise to get to the next level of achievement. In this step, we'll help you stretch beyond what you thought was possible, acknowledge new opportunities and begin the 7-step process again.

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